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Green Card - Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status (I-407)

Filing The Application

If you wish to abandon your permanent residence and relinquish your Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), please complete the Form I-407, Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status. You can relinquish your Permanent Resident Card by mail.  Please provide a stamped, self- addressed envelope and send us the I-407 and your Permanent Resident Card to the following address:

Giessener Strasse 30
60435 Frankfurt

Form I-407, Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident status (pdf)

Note: Item 6(a) must state your reasons in detail as to why you are abandoning your LPR status.

A copy of the processed form will be returned to you by mail within two to three weeks. Should you need it faster, please make an InfoPass appointment and come in person.  This copy of the completed I-407 is your receipt and it verifies the return of your Permanent Resident Card. You should keep a copy of the completed I-407 in your passport whenever you travel to the United States.

Once the I-407 is completed, you will revert to your previous status as a non-resident of the US. In order to visit the US, you will need to comply with visa requirements for nationals of your country of citizenship. Citizens of certain countries are eligible to travel to the US for business or tourism under the Visa Waiver Program. Citizens of other countries or those going for purposes other than tourism or business will require nonimmigrant visas.

Abandoning your Permanent Resident Card and status does not affect your ability to apply to immigrate to the United States at some future time. However, you will have to begin the process anew and apply through the usual application process.

The abandonment of lawful permanent resident status is irrevocable. An individual who relinquishes lawful permanent resident status must qualify again for such status. Therefore, one should give careful thought before abandoning lawful permanent resident status.