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U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy 2010

U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy 2010

Bonn, September 23 — 26, 2010

Teaching Popular Culture

Popular culture has been defined as everything from "common culture," to "folk culture," to "mass culture." While it has been all of these things at various points in history, in Post-War America, popular culture is undeniably associated with commercial culture and all its trappings: movies, television, radio, cyberspace, advertising, toys, nearly any commodity available for purchase, many forms of art, photography, games, and even group "experiences" like collective comet-watching or rave dancing on ecstasy. While humanities and social science departments before the 1950s would rarely have imagined including anything from the previous list in their curricula, it is now widely acknowledged that popular culture can and must be analyzed as an important part of US material, economic and political culture. "Pop culture" is also one of the US' most lucrative export commodities, making everything from Levi's jeans to Sylvester Stallone movies popular on the international market.


The annual U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy provides up-to-date information on American society and values. The conference atmosphere is one of intense exchange with American specialists on interdisciplinary aspects of politics, economics, and American studies. Lectures and discussions will be in English.

Target Group

The Teacher Academy addresses secondary school teachers from all German states, in particular multipliers in the field of English and the Social Sciences, "Fachberater" and "Fachleiter", secondary school curriculum planners, representatives of ministries of education, textbook writers, and educators. It also welcomes junior teachers ("Referendare").


The Teacher Academy is jointly organized by Dr. Peter Schneck, Professor and Chair, Department of English Literature and Culture, Osnabrück University, and Dr. Martina Kohl, U.S. Embassy


  • Gary Glazner, Slam Poet, Founder and Director, Alzheimer's Poetry Project (APP)
  • Matthew Henry, Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Richland College in Dallas, Texas
  • Dr. Udo Hebel, Professor and Chair, Department of English and American Studies, Regensburg University
  • Barry Shank, Professor of Comparative Studies at Ohio State University
  • Lars Ruppel, Slam Poet from Marburg, Germany
  • Dr. Peter Schneck, Professor and Chair, Department of English Literature and Culture, Osnabrück University

Faculty bios as pdf


Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V.
Langer Grabenweg 68
D-53175 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
How to Get There


The U.S. Embassy covers the costs for the program, the speakers, and most of room and board. Registered participants will have to cover their travel expenses and a conference fee of EUR 110.


CLOSED - Deadline was August 1, 2010

Unfortunately, there are more applicants than space available. Applicants will be notified by mid-August. Please do not make any travel arrangements before you hear from us. Preference will be given to applicants who intend to stay throughout the entire seminar. Fill out the registration form and return it

by e-mail: - Subject: "U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy 2010"
by fax: (030) 8305 2151
by mail:           Amerikanische Botschaft
                        "U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy 2010"
                        Pariser Platz 2
                        14191 Berlin