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Hip-Hop: American Youth Culture At Home and Abroad

Teacher Seminar

October 31, 2007
Humboldt University, Room 2103 (Hauptgebäude)

Hip-Hop is a transnational language of dissatisfaction and anger, but also of cultural resistance and cultural pride. Hip-Hop is considered an expression of youth culture, yet it has been around for more than 30 years and transcends generations. What does it tell us about youth culture in American and European society today? Can Hip-Hop play a positive role for social justice? How are we to understand the depictions of Hip-Hop culture in the mainstream media as a culture of self-destruction on the part of disenfranchised and excluded social groups?

Reinhard Isensee, Professor of American Studies at Humboldt University Berlin, will lecture on the broader concept of American youth culture in “From Rebel to Coolhunter? Shifting Paradigms of American Youth Culture and Its Conceptionalizations since the 1980s”.

Murray Forman, Professor of Communications at Northeastern University in Boston, will speak about “Hip-Hop Culture, Youth Creativity, and the Generational Crossroads.” Prof. Forman is author of The Hood Comes First: Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop (Wesleyan University Press, 2002) and Co-editor, with Mark Anthony Neal, of That's the Joint!: The Hip-Hop Studies Reader' (Routledge).

The seminar will be conducted in English.

Pl. register by October 24, 2007:

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Please note that attendance will be restricted to 30 participants. We will confirm your participation via e-mail.

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