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The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Germany maintains a number of electronic mailing lists with the purpose of providing news and information about major U.S. foreign policy issues and topical information about the United States to German audiences.

One of these lists, USINFO, is open to members of the general public. The other mailing lists are designed for professional and institutional audiences (government, business, journalists, academics, teachers, librarians) and include copyright-protected material and invitations to events hosted by the U.S. Embassy and the Consulates General.

  • Material sent to the mailing lists is generally in English.
  • The list of subscribers is protected from public viewing.
  • No use is made of the information gathered beyond the need to maintain the mailing list.
    (see our privacy statement)
  • If you wish to apply for membership of one of the professional contact mailing lists, you will be asked to provide details of who you are and what you do.
  • The Public Affairs Offices of the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Consulates in Germany reserve the right to decline an application for membership of our contact mailing lists.

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