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Archive of Selected Past Events

June 16-19: Molly Antopol reading tour

Molly Antopol und "Die Unamerikanischen" Deutsche Stimme: Antje Traue Moderation: Shelly Kupferberg | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Else-Ury-Bogen 599-600,
10623 Berlin
Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015,
20:00 Uhr| Ihr Feedback via Facebook

June 11-12: Showcasing the American tradition of "a capella" for German youth audiences

On June 11, The Radcliffe Pitches, a 12-woman a Capella singing group from Harvard University, performed American music at the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange end of year event at the US Embassy in front of 400 guests. They sang several songs including the national anthem. Their presentation visibly won the audience including several German members of Parliament and the Ambassador who responded with loud cheers and rounds of applause. Photos:

National Anthem: Video:

On June 12, the U.S. Embassy organized two youth events for The Radcliffe Pitches.  In the morning, they opened the Run4Peace the largest charity run by Berlin youth. This year, 2015, marked the 10th anniversary of the run. Nearly 3,800 students from 37 schools in Berlin participated.

In the afternoon, the Radcliffe Pitches were involved in a musical workshop at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum,   organized by a music and English language teacher who is also a Department of State program alumnus.  The workshop included a joint rehearsal of the Radcliffe Pitches with the school choir and a discussion with members of school choir about studying in the US.  The Radcliffe Pitches were able to get a true insight to the life in Germany because the school arranged home stays for eight of the 12 members of the Radcliffe Pitches.

June 12: CBYX in the Chancellery

On June 12, 350 American participants were guests of Chancellor Merkel at the Federal Chancellery. The Americans participated in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) and spent a year in Germany. Chancellor Merkel was visibly delighted to greet young people. The audience engaged with great enthusiasm when James Roldan, one of the participants, started singing, "I am such a happy individual in deutsche Land." At the end of the song, Chancellor Merkel, Members of the Parliament and the audience responded with loud cheers and enthusiastically clapped their hands. In the morning, the American CBYX participants were welcomed by Bundestag President Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert (CDU/CSU), several Members of Parliament and Ambassador John B. Emerson at the Bundestag. "This program is one of the best ideas that the Bundestag ever had. Links between Germany and the United States of America should stay strong - with families, friends and personal relationships," Lammert said. Ambassador Emerson pointed out that as the American Ambassador to Germany, especially during events that have challenged the relationship, he can attest to the importance of understanding the perspective of others. “And in an era when many young people not only question the value of our relationship, but even our shared values, I have also seen how important it is that young Germans and Americans meet and get to know each other; and that they understand each other’s backgrounds, and can see that they indeed share the same values of freedom, rule of law, and democracy.” On June 11, the American participants, Members of Parliament, representatives of the exchange organizations and the Parliament’s administration were invited to the US Embassy for a reception hosted by Ambassador Emerson. The Radcliffe Pitches, an all-female A Capella Choir founded in 1975, from Harvard University, performed several songs and the national anthem. The audience was asked to pick their favorite weird word through applause from words submitted beforehand: Plauze (belly), Purzelbaum (somersault), Flexitarier (occasional meat-eating vegetarians), Dudelsack (bagpipe), Ohrwurm (catchy tune), finally "bagpipe" was chosen as the strangest German word, which Americans have encountered in their year in Germany. We wish all American CBYX participants of the class 2014/2015 the very best for their future! Come back soon!

June 11: CBYX/PPP Berlin Day

usbotschaft 1:35pm via Twitter for iPhone
Willkommen beim #BerlinDay @YFU_USA @giz_gmbh @nacelayp @CBYXPPP @AFSdeutschland @CulturalVistas

June 10: Atlantic Council’s “Next Generation”

What happens when 12 young Americans and Germans with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences come together to discuss the US-German relationship? -

They identify challenges and offer solutions. They formulate a strategy and foster a debate from a “next generation” perspective. They give a new voice to a next generation of Americans and Germans between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five.

On June 10, three of the 12 “Next Generation” Fellows came to the Embassy to introduce The Atlantic Council’s “Next Generation” project and to outline steps toward the New Generation prism. Are you interested in their eighteen recommendations to strengthen the US-German relationship? Please see The Next Generation report "Through a New Prism: A Next Generation Strategy for the US-German Relationship."

June 7 and 8: G7 summit

The G7 Summit 2015 in Schloss Elmau will focus on the global economy as well as on key issues regarding foreign, security and development policy.

June 2: USTR Froman in Berlin for TTIP discussion with young leaders at German Economics Ministry

Ambassador Froman answers a question

Ambassador Froman answers a question

United States Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman traveled to Berlin today to take part in a lively discussion with young leaders, students and apprentices in an event that was hosted by the German Economics Ministry. The event was titled "The Transatlantic Partnership - Is this the sellout of European values ​​or a building block for the future of Europe?".  Sigmar Gabriel, German Economics Minister, EU Trade Representative Cecilia Malmström and Bernd Lange Chairman of the European Parliament's trade committee were also on the panel answering questions. After the discussion Ambassador Froman participated in a press conference and press interviews before heading back to the U.S.

Through May 31: Exhibit “Total Recall” of American film, video and photo artist Gretchen Bender at Schinkel Pavillon

The exhibit “Total Recall” of American film, video and photo artist Gretchen Bender at Schinkel Pavillon

The exhibit “Total Recall” of American film, video and photo artist Gretchen Bender at Schinkel Pavillon

The Schinkel Pavillon presents the monumental work by American artist Bender (1951-2004) in Berlin for the first time. Gretchen Bender’s work has only recently been re-evaluated in light of a recognition of her pioneering role. The exhibition allows a unique visual channel into the radical transitions of the 1980s, which – as in Bender’s work – become apparent as the prelude of the coming media revolution of the digital.

Total Recall assembles twenty-four stacked TV monitors and three projection screens that blast out an eighteen-minute performance of moving images.  Footage sourced from television and movies is edited to a rapid beat alongside a montage of TV commercials for consumer recording devices, played forward, in reverse and in slow motion, in which General Electric machines are presented to be at the heart of feigned familial intimacy.  Abstract computer graphics – state-of-the art programming for the time – pulsate through the installation.  Animated and morphing corporate logos, movie titles in all caps and Helvetica font, and the black void of intermittently inactive displays form the body of what Bender described as “electronic theatre.”  For the electronic soundtrack of Total Recall Bender commissioned the New York-based musician Stuart Argabright. The computer graphics were programmed in collaboration with Amber Denker, who had also co-designed the revolutionary digital animations for “Music Non Stop” by Kraftwerk.

Bender was born in 1951 in Seaford, Delaware, USA.  She moved to New York’s East Village in 1978 and befriended artists such as Robert Longo, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman.  Bender started using television imagery in her work in 1982 and taught herself to edit video.  She consequently started collecting and using the most advanced video and digital technology available to her.  Although Bender was very early in her use of TV footage and digital animation, she is only recently being recognized for her pioneering role.

The Embassy is supporting the educational program that is accompanying the exhibit.

May 27-29: G7 finance ministers

The meeting of the G7 finance ministers and central bank governors will take place in Dresden on 27-29 May 2015. 

Background: The meetings of the G7 finance ministers and central bank governors take place several times a year, usually on the margins of the spring and annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or of G20 meetings. Additionally, meetings are held in the country holding the presidency. These are also attended by representatives of the European Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank, the Financial Stability Board and the European Union. These gatherings serve as a forum for the informal exchange of views and opinions on long-term questions of international fiscal and monetary policy as well as current challenges in this field. While Germany holds the presidency, the meetings of the finance ministers and central bank governors are chaired by Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann and Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

May 6: Best Defense Against Disinformation: Professional Reporting.

Douglas Frantz, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs

Douglas Frantz, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs

During his discussions with German media in Berlin May 6, 2015, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Doug Frantz emphasized the need for cooperation among the EU, Germany, and states bordering Russia to create a front line of defense against Kremlin propaganda.  In a panel discussion about countering disinformation, he said investigative reporters need access to conflict zones so they can report the truth.  Regarding the debates in the U.S. and Germany about privacy vs. security he said, “The cooperation between Germany and the United States in counterterrorism is vital to protecting people from terrorism, and that cooperation shouldn’t be held hostage to what people are calling a scandal.” 

May 5: SRAP Feldman in Berlin

Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Daniel Feldman

Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Daniel Feldman

Amb. Dan Feldman visited Berlin to consult with German officials about the future of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, as well as other issues related to Afghanistan’s stability. During his consultations, Feldman met with the German Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Amb. Michael Koch, National Security Advisor Christoph Heusgen, MoD Political Director Geza von Geyr, and members of the German Bundestag.

May 4-9: XXX. Black International Cinema Festival at Humboldt University Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, Auditorium 1072

XXX. Black International Cinema Festival at Humboldt University Berlin,

XXX. Black International Cinema Festival at Humboldt University Berlin,

Black International Cinema Berlin is an annual interdisciplinary, intercultural film/video festival engaging people from various national, cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.  Several American films will be shown at the festival.  The festival focuses on presenting works of an artistic, cultural or political nature coinciding with the general educational, social, artistic and economic interest of people from Africa, the African Diaspora and people with an interest in participating in intercultural communication and the resultant interfacing and sharing of educational, social, artistic and economic resources.

Black International Cinema Berlin is open to all filmmakers and contributes to better understanding and increasing cooperation between people from various cultural, ethnic, national and religious backgrounds, in order to reduce prejudices and support a peaceful and respectful living together in our multi-faceted society.

The Embassy has been supporting the Black International Cinema Festival Berlin for several years. The complete festival program is available at

May 04: FTC Commissioner Julie Brill on Data Privacy