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Notarial Services

Types of Notarials



An Acknowledgement of Execution is used for legal agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, bills of sale, business documents, corporate acknowledgements, etc. for use in the United States.


An Affidavit is a sworn statement, made by you. Write out the statement you wish to make, but do not sign the form.

For us to notarize your documents, you must:

  • Have a government-issued photo ID, e.g. a passport
  • Understand your document, as we are not allowed to explain the contents to you
  • Have filled in the document with the appropriate names, places and dates
  • Don't sign it; you'll sign it at the Embassy or Consulate in front of the notary.

In the case of a Marriage Affidavit, please bring

  • passport
  • divorce papers if you have been married before.

Getting Married?  You may need to make an appointment for a notarial service.

All foreigners marrying in Germany require an "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis" which is a Certificate of Free Status stating that you are legally free to marry. This document may be obtained by making an appointment for a notarial service at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin or at the Consulate General in Frankfurt.  The document may also be obtained without an appointment during the operating hours of the Consular Agency in Bremen. Residents of Bavaria may take the oath on this document directly at the Standesamt and do not need to come to the Consulate.

For more information, see our page on Getting Married.

Certified Photocopy

Please bring the original document with you.


The fee is $ 50 for each notarization.  If you have a document that contains multiple signature blocks and multiple places for notarization, the fee is $50 per notarization signature / seal.


We cannot authenticate U.S. documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, etc. Under the Hague Convention, an Apostille (pdf 78kb) by a U.S. clerk of court of a State Secretary or State certifies the authenticity of a U.S. document.

Please note that we cannot authenticate any academic credentials.

Signature Guarantees

U.S. banks or mutual fund companies often require signature guarantees. Unfortunately, we cannot legally perform a signature guarantee. Please check with your bank or stock company, here or in the U.S., for additional information.

Non-US citizens requiring notarization of documents for submission in the USA may use the notary service of the US Embassy/Consulate.

Contact us

You may reach us at the Special Citizens Services office at your local Embassy/Consulate

The Consulate emergency duty officer can be reached after working hours by calling your Embassy/Consulate’s information number


  • Appointment Required

    Appointments are required for all services and locations except in Bremen.

    Visit your location to find out how to make an appointment.

  • Appointment System Problems?

    If you experience problems with our appointment system, we ask you to please have patience and try again at a later time.