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Senior Mission Staff

United States Embassy Berlin
John B. Emerson

Deputy Chief of Mission

James A. Boughner (acting)

Minister-Counselor for Economic Affairs
James A. Boughner

Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs
Jeffrey Hovenier

Minister-Counselor for Management Affairs
Jeffrey VanDreal

Minister-Counselor for Consular Affairs
Paul Fitzgerald

Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs
David "Mike" Reinert

Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs
Dale Tasharski

Counselor for Agricultural Affairs
Kelly Stange

Senior Regional Security Officer
Daniel J. Weber

Defense Attaché
Col. Terry Anderson

Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation
Col. Paul A. Tombarge

Consulate General Düsseldorf
Consul General
(Stephen A. Hubler)

Consulate General Frankfurt
Consul General
Kevin C. Milas

Public Affairs Officer
Lawrence Randolph

Consulate General Hamburg
Consul General
Nancy L. Corbett

Consulate General Leipzig
Consul General
Scott R. Riedmann

Consulate General München
Consul General
William (Bill) E. Moeller

Public Affairs Officer
Anthony Miranda